Version 2.2 of vsound 2 software released

Tuesday, 30 October 2018. Signal Wizard Systems is proud to announce the release of version 2.2 of the software for vsound 2. The new version boasts a number of new features which make the system even more flexible for optimizing impulse responses. These include:

  • A Spectrum Editor -  a  unique and very powerful feature introduced in vsound version 2.2. It allows the frequency response to be modified directly in the frequency domain with exceptional precision, generating a new impulse response that can then be saved or downloaded to the hardware unit in the usual manner. Unlike the graphic and arbitrary equalizers, the Spectrum Editor introduces zero latency in the modified impulse response
  • Improved zoom/unzoom control for frequency responses
  • New cello impulse responses
  • New violin impulse responses
  • Hybrid cello/violin impulse response
  • Improved helpfile (context sensitive and stand-alone PDF)

Spectrum editor example. Click on the left image. The lower plot shows the frequency response of a Stradivarius violin. It contains a notch at 310 Hz. Now click on the right image. The notch has been completely removed. This operation is really simple to achieve. Simply highlight the region of interest with the mouse, select a gain and press "Filter". The system applies the gain and generates a new impulse response. Note the absence of any latency in the new impulse response.