Who we are

Signal Wizard Systems Ltd ® is a spin-out company from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. Established in 2015, the University retains a share in the company and provides strategic support for sales, publicity and marketing.

The first audio DSP products were originally developed and made available as research tools by the University of Manchester. The unique and underpinning philosophy of these products was their ease of use. 

In 2015 the first vsound system was developed and distributed as a commercial device. Our research and development partners include the world renowned Johannsson Violins (Reykjavik, Iceland), famous for manufacturing bespoke and boutique violins, violas, cellos, double basses and other stringed instruments, and performing the characterization of some of the world’s most treasured and priceless instrument.

Elvari KB is a Swedish company focusing on acoustic innovation. Elvari distribute professional electric violins and other tools for modern string players. 
Elvari contacted Signal Wizard systems to realize the potential of the prototype vsound. This resulted in a collaboration between the two companies. Elvari is now a proud distributor of vsound.

Since 2004 Signal Wizard products have been sold all over the world to research institutions, business and private individuals. They are used for a wide range of applications, including noise suppression, adaptive filtering, system modelling and musical instrument research. 

Company timeline

  • 2001. Signal Wizard 1.6 (SW 1.6) released and sold under licence. This was a versatile single channel real time digital filter system with arbitrary finite impulse response (FIR) capability.
  • 2004. SW 2 released and distributed by Saelig Inc., USA (www.saelig.com). This used a faster processor, higher codec resolution, incorporated infinite impulse response (IIR) capability and dual channel capability. SW 1.6 retired.
  • 2005. SW 2 ranked as worldwide 4th best new test and measurement product by the EE Times.
  • 2008. SW 2.5. released, SW 2 retired. Dual channel audio-bandwidth system for completely arbitrary filtering, signal generation, capture and analysis.
  • 2010 Soundtrack released. Wave (WAV) file processing and editing software package. Using the same filter design engine as SW, it allowed sophisticated filters to be implemented with just a few key strokes.
  • 2011. SW 3 released. Eight channel audio system for arbitrary filtering, delay, mixing and 3D sound processing. This incorporated a processor with five times the speed of SW 2.5, higher sampling rates and a revised user interface.
  • 2011. Signal Wizard Systems registered as a trade mark.
  • 2015. Signal Wizard Systems Ltd registered as an independent company.
  • 2015. Commercial partnership agreement with Johannsson Violins.
  • 2015. First vsound released.
  • 2016. dCello released.
  • 2018. Signal Wizard Systems and University of Manchester establish share agreement.
  • 2018. vsound 2 released.
  • 2022. Chiller released.
  • 2023. Prosody released; vsound retired.