Dcello is a tiny but powerful embedded audio processor, designed to transform the sound quality of bowed string instruments, including violin, viola, cello and double bass. It is incorporated into instruments built only by Johannsson Violins, with whom Signal Wizard partnered to make this extraordinary device a reality. Smaller than a credit card, it does the same kind of job as its bigger cousin, vsound. It enhances the sound of the instrument, by containing within its core a virtual representation of the acoustic instrument it is mimicking. Powered by a small lithium cell, it gives four hours of playing time before recharging. All of the control functions of the devices are implemented in software – the device simply connects to an ordinary PC, laptop or tablet running Windows, using a standard micro USB cable.

How does it work? The signal from the pickup of the instrument is fed to dcello’s onboard preamplifier, converted into digital form and processed by its digital signal processor (DSP). Once processed, it is converted back into a conventional electrical system and fed to the onboard audio amplifier. It also operates so quickly that there is no perceptible delay between the bow striking the string and the corresponding sound generated by the amplifier. The software incorporates a number of other functions to optimize the characteristics of the output to suit the acoustic properties of the ambient space or your playing preference. These include equalizers, volume control and an adjustable blender. The software also allows you to download new responses and to tailor responses to your tastes alone. 

Dcello is available exclusively within custom instruments designed, built and distributed by Johannsson Violins; it is not supplied as a stand-alone product. For more information on dcello please contact Johannsson Violins or Signal Wizard Systems.

Specifications - hardware

  • Ten pre-loaded impulse responses
  • Smaller than a credit card - 70 x 45 mm
  • Lithium cell gives 4 hrs playing time
  • Recharges through USB
  • Switchable preamp: 0 dB or 14 dB
  • 500 k ohm input impedance
  • Output to amplifier or headphones
  • Digital volume control
  • All functions stored on shutdown
  • Micro USB socket and cable
  • Dimensions: L70 x W50 x H6
  • Weight: 14 grams

Specifications – software

  • Seamless communication with hardware unit
  • Download and control of impulse responses
  • Gain adjustment and full digital gain
  • Software selectable preamp
  • Blender control (wet/dry balance)
  • Graphics equalizer
  • Arbitrary equalizer
  • Full real-time control of unit and violin select
  • Diagnostics and easy firmware upgrade installation
  • Context sensitive help